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Custom Homes Can Be As Unique As Their Owners

The idea of a custom-built home is very appealing to anyone who wants to own their own living space. It means being able to select everything that will be included in the home, from the exterior to the interior. You can have everyone in the family participating so their tastes and preferences are taken into consideration.

When you have individuals with eclectic tastes or unique ideas contributing to the home design process, you can end up with anything from high-end luxury to reclaimed chic. And sometimes the choices are out of left field. For example, the following article talks about a material that is not usually considered when constructing a house:

A House with Scrap Wood Walls in Israel

Scrap wood? Well, for most of us it is nothing but something that belongs to the trash especially if there are already rotten parts but for creative people, scrap wood is actually an opportunity to create something unique, beautiful and useful. In truth, there are so many things that you can make using scrap wood that range from a wall decor and even storage boxes. You can even make furniture like a table using scrap wood. But for this home that we will feature today, it uses scrap wood in a surprisingly creative manner. Read more at Home Design Lover…

So, yes, scrap wood can be used to make something very beautiful with a bit of “outside of the box” thinking. The bonus is that the material can be acquired at a very pocket-friendly price. That’s a win-win for the happy homeowner.

At this point you might be wondering if there are other materials you have never considered before that can be transformed into something beautiful.

How about broken tiles? These little gems are so neat because they can be used in a variety of places, including your walls and floors.

There are many ways you could use broken tiles in your home. For instance, you can  create your own DIY outdoor table using broken tile. Let your mind free — if you wanted to work with them it would be a great opportunity for exploring your creativity or collaborating with a family member to come up with a one-of-a-kind use  in your new custom home.

There are many options out there when it comes to creating a custom home. All you need to do is keep an open mind and explore. Good luck!

Some Considerations When Planning For Your Custom Home

Housing is one of the most basic needs for human beings and is something you cannot forego. That being the case, it is often easy to settle for something that gives you the basics of shelter, especially with the demands on your wallet.

However, a rock-bottom cost shouldn’t be the overall deciding factor about your home. The housing industry is now boasting many new developments in custom-made homes that you might want to consider. There are so many outstanding options for you to explore when you’re considering a custom-built home.

One of the first things you’ll need is an architectural design. You want a home that will address all your needs, such as multi-generational living. That’s one of the advantages of a custom home; you can design it to meet your exact needs.

Another benefit of a custom design can take into consideration multiple factors that affect the comfort and livability of your home.

Now, what about the efficiency and environmental impact of your custom home? Well, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s possible to have a home that actually contributes positively to the surrounding environment.

North Carolina Home with the Ultimate Environmentalist Cred

A comfortable and stylish family home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina received major environmentalist cred recently by going net positive. Architect Arielle Condoret Schechter said that the home was producing $22 more energy per month than it consumed at the time of her report on the project.

Kevin Murphy both owns the home and runs the construction company that built it. He has shared some details about net positive family life, including his family’s ability to eat food grown or raised on the 4.3 acres of land surrounding the home. The Murphys hope to buy an electric car to round out their healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Having an environmentally friendly home is something worth considering, especially since you can financially benefit from the energy you save.

Another aspect of your custom-built home to determine is the interior design and aesthetics. For instance, an artsy homeowners might choose a custom home that reflects a different art style in every room, giving the home a gallery-like feel.

If you dream of owning a home in the exact design you want, but are daunted by the overwhelming scope of the project and the innumerable decisions that are required, not to worry. Taking the time to identify the right custom-home builder in your area will make the process simple and successful.

6 Tips For Buying Land For Your Custom Home


One of the first steps leading up to you having your own custom-built home is to acquire the land on which the home will be built. The most convenient way to do this is to buy a lot on a premium site set aside for custom home builders. Even so, you may want to buy your own piece of land that will fit your specific needs and your budget. Not to worry, this can be done too, but you need to have a good plan in place to make the process as painless as possible. Here are a few tips on buying land, particularly if you are on a budget.

  1. Take your time

Finding and buying the right piece of land that matches your needs and budget can take some time. It’s important not to be in a rush if you’re serious about getting the best possible deal.

  1. Determine how much you can afford

This is a big decision as any good deal includes you buying within your means, so you need to be realistic about how much you can afford.

Your budget is a big decision! Be realistic about how much you can afford.  Many people purchase land and then slowly pay it off before building a house on it. Or live in a small trailer on their land while they pay it off. Others save up and pay cash outright for their land.  Did you know that land loans and construction loans can be rolled into one if you’re prepared to begin building right away? Yes they can!  That was what my husband and I chose to do and we are really happy with how it all worked out in our budget.  So whichever route you are planning figure out how much you can afford and try hard to stick with it. Via Happy Money Saver

  1. What size of land do you need?

oz custom home builder fort mill sc rock hill sc trinity ridge reserve

You also need to figure out how much land you need, which would be based on what you want to do with it.

  1. Find out about the covenants for every potential piece of land you consider

Covenants place restrictions on what you are allowed to do on your piece of land. Although they can sometimes be quite strict, they may also save you the trouble of noisy neighbors.

  1. Find out about the water rights

oz custom home builder fort mill sc rock hill sc trinity ridge reserve

Water rights stipulate how much of your lot you can water. Full water rights are preferable, particularly if landscaping is an important part of your custom home. There aren’t many people that would want to live on property that they are not allowed to water.

  1. Located near good schools for your kids

If you have kids, their education is a priority, so you need to find a lot in a location with good schools.

It’s advisable to have a list of the things you want before you start searching for a piece of land. You may not get everything on your list, but it will help you not to leave out anything important when making your final decision.

Differences Between A Home Builder, Self-contractor And Sub-contractor

If you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, you might be wondering whether you need to hire a home builder, a sub-contractor, or go with self-contracting and do it yourself. So, what are the differences between these, and which is the best choice?

The first thing you should understand is that you do not really choose a sub-contractor. When you employ a home builder, they will hire sub-contractors for particular jobs like laying the flooring, installing the plumbing and wiring the electrical system. A sub-contractor is a person or company that focuses on a particular area of the home building. Choosing just one sub-contractor to create your house doesn’t make sense, and it’s not feasible.

On the other hand, a home builder will oversee everything for you after you’ve laid out exactly what you desire. You won’t have to fret over any of the details. Just check the job site every so often to make certain that you’re thrilled with the work. Home builders are experts who are experienced and accredited, and able to build you a well-constructed, gorgeous home.

Where a professional home builder frees you from worry, self-contracting is remarkably high-risk and can be extremely stressful. When you self-contract a residence, you basically construct it yourself. Of course, you don’t in fact lay the brick and mortar, but you do choose the sub-contractors and make every choice — from the biggest decisions to the most menial.

As you can see, when it’s time to construct your ideal house, the best method to ensure you’re complete satisfaction with the result is to make use of an experienced home builder.

Another reason to pick a home builder instead of self-contracting your project is that you’ll get the job done much faster! Home builders don’t have to search through a sea of sub-contractors because they actually know them and have established working relationships. A home builder can also devote every day to constructing your property. In contrast, you will most likely still have to go to work most days to get the cash to pay for the house even if you choose to go with self-contracting.

In the end, it’s an easy and sound decision to employ a home builder rather than act as a self-contractor. You’ll see your dream home realized by choosing a qualified custom home builder that has been constructing homes for many years.